German Tour Diary – Day 12


All we can say is… THANK YOU Zurich!!!!!

What an amazing evening! The vibe in the place last night was absolutely electric.. and I confess to having got a bit choked up while singing "Anthem for the Living" live on Swiss soil for the first time. It’s a song that Clinton wrote after the passing of his father, and performing it in Switzerland with some of his dad’s brothers and sisters in the room really did give the song a huge amount of resonance. Yet another deeply special moment on this awesome journey..

The rest of the gig was a blur of sing-a-long moments and feel good energy. We really did have the most incredible gig. The Swiss crowd were warm and appreciative, and damn can they party!!

Most of the band managed to sneak out of the club and back to the hotel at about 02h30.. I say most, because of course the usual suspects (Neil, Tony, Rob N & Pauli etc) couldn’t bring themselves to miss an after-party in town.. so they joined some new Swiss friends and partied until sun up in the bars and clubs of Zurich. I think they rolled in around 06h00 ish..

That made for a predictably difficult lobby call at 07h00 this morning!

After Clint and I had been thumping on Neil’s hotel room door for about 5mins with no response, we brought out the big guns.. We fetched the hotel manager and had him unlock the door. Clint shook Neil awake, at which point Neil grunted and flailed around like a crazy man shouting "I’m awake, I’m awake"!

We left him to pack and get dressed, but when 10mins later there was still no sight of him, we started banging on his door again.. I kid you not the whole process repeated itself again! The manager had to come up again and unlock the door etc, etc..

This time we took no chances and wedged the door open, all the while shouting at Neil to get out of bed! After 5 more mins of coaxing and several shoves later, he lept out of bed in nothing but his red boxers and stood in the doorway of his room barking at me and laughing while thumping his bare chest and scratching his private parts.. scaring a poor cleaning lady half to death!

We finally got on the road at about 07h45 and drove across the border to Nurnberg. Arriving in town at about 13h00, the 450km trip was pretty smooth, but the band are absolutely shattered with exhaustion!

Tonight will be our 10th show in 12 days in 10 different cities.. pretty tough schedule and it’s taking it’s toll on everyone. We’re enjoying every moment, but are really looking forward to a rest day 2morrow before our final show in Frankfurt on Tuesday.

Clint and I did a quick interview on Radio Gong here in Nurnberg this afternoon to pump tonight’s show, and then we checked into the hotel. Quick shower and change and we’re now at the venue – Hirsch ready for soundcheck.

The venue is a great industrial looking rock club with big stage and great tech set-up. Should be a cracker!

Will let y’all know how it goes..


Andy Mac

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