German Tour Diary – Days 10 & 11

Hey all,

The train down from Osnabruck to Freiburg was AWESOME!!! It was comfortable, smooth and makes me seriously wish air travel was the same!

Clint, Robbie J and I jumped on board at about 08h30 and we arrived in Freiburg at 15h00, but the time really did fly by. The rest of the boys arrived around the same time in the busses, but looked absolutely shattered from the drive!

Our hotel was directly next to the train station and across the road from the venue – Jazzhaus. Which was extremely convenient.

What a cool spot. Freiburg seems to be a big student town, and every 2nd person rides a bicycle.. Weather is significantly warmer as well.. approx 21Celcius!

Gig – Great stage and great sound (courtesy of Pauli), which made for another KILLER gig. Sold loads of merch and made some new friends.

After the gig, both bands headed into town for a late night dinner at a local restaurant. Our crew then went out for a party and crawled in at 06h00.. ha ha ha.. The crew are definitely partying harder than the bands on this tour!

Woke up this morning and drove across the border into a beautifully sunny Switzerland. I’d forgotten how pretty this place actually is… breathtaking!

Clinton is beside himself to finally have the band in Switzerland.. we’ve been talking about this for years!

We spent the afternoon wandering around Zurich and people watching as they all rushed out into the sun in the 23 Celsius weather. Rob N spotted a bunch of good looking people lying in the sun by the river in bikini’s smoking spliff.. and has decided this is one of the coolest cities on the planet.. ha ha ha..

Now I’m sitting backstage waiting for the doors to open and looking forward to a kickass evening!

Will update u again from Nurnberg.. just 2 shows left after tonight..


Andy Mac

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