German Tour Diary – Day 9

Hi all,

After a great day off yesterday, we had a pleasant and sunny drive down to Osnabruck this morning.

We checked into our little "country inn" type hotel this afternoon and then came through to the venue – Rosenhof for soundcheck.

The venue is great, with a nice big stage and an awesome PA and lighting rig.

Pauli got a killer sound out of the rig and we’ve just played one of the best gigs of the tour thus far (I know I keep saying that, but they do feel like they are getting better & better!!). Couple of South Africans in the crowd, and a crowd that seemed very familiar with our music with nice sing-a-long moments during the evening. Really was fun!

I’m now sitting backstage with the boys having a few beers while we wait for Watershed to finish up. Then we are going to try and get out of here as quickly as possible, because we have a LONG day 2morrow! We are travelling down to Freiburg in the south (about 600kms) and so we are up at 06h00 2morrow morning to get there in time for s/check etc.. I know.. NOT very Rock n Roll!!

Clint, Roobie J and I have opted to try a different experience 2morrow and we’ve bought tickets for the high speed train. So the guys are dropping us at the station and then we’ll meet up with them in Freiburg. Will let u know how it goes..

Tonight kicked off the first of 4 nights in a row for us, so it’s gonna be a long weekend.. but I’m really looking forward to these shows…especially our first ever show in Switzerland on Saturday night!

Gotta run..


Andy Mac

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One thought on “German Tour Diary – Day 9

  1. Hey A and the boys my old haunt, Osnabruck. loved it appart for the Army barracks lol, so did you see any resmblence of myself in your crowd at he concerts, im sure i left a few bumps behind, Keep the great SA Music Flowing. see you when you land ,ill be the pale white scotsman with my flat stanley T-shirt on Jhb intl …..OR is It TAMBO…

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