German Tour Diary – Day 7

Hey all,

Hamburg today.. show number 6 in 7 days.. whew! Rock n Roll!!!!

We were a bit bummed to leave Berlin this morning, as it’s a really "happening" city, filled with interesting and creative people and places.. and we would dearly have loved to stay and experience it a bit more.. Though I think Mike & Neil managed to take in some of the local "nightlife" after the show (sleep is clearly not a priority for either one of them!)

The Frannz Club was a fantastic venue and we really enjoyed the show last night. The venue has played host to countless top acts over the years and we felt priviledged to have been able to perform there.

Next time we’ll have to make sure we work in a rest day after the Berlin show.

So we checked out of the very cool, very modern Lindner Hotel in this morning and started the drive through to Hamburg. Aah.. but not before Clinton managed to enjoy a roof top sauna in the wellness centre overlooking the whole of Berlin. A surreal experience by all accounts. Something I’ll have to check out next time!

The 300kms to Hamburg went really smoothly and we checked into the Hamburg Lindner Hotel at lunchtime.

What a beautifully bizarre place! It’s the world’s first "Zoo" themed luxury hotel! It’s situated near the world famous Hamburg Zoo, and hence the theme. Each floor is a different continent… so of course… they’ve booked us into the African floor. The elevators have natural bush sounds piping through them and pics of wildlife everywhere, and the rooms are kind of like the rooms at the Palace of the Lost City in Sun City. The sink in the bathroom looks like a big djembe drum and there are various colonial/african bits and bobs lying around..

It’s far out!!!!!

It is however a 4+ star hotel, so there is no luxury spared. The service is great and the facilities are amazing (Clint is already salivating at the wellness centre options!). Gonna be a great place to wake up on our off day tomorrow.

So now I’m sitting in the Stage Club in Hamburg listening to the rest of the boys soundchecking and looking forward to a cracker gig tonight. The venue is a nice plush, upmarket looking place and I think it’s gonna be a very cool night.

Ok, Pauli our engineer is gesticulating madly at me to get onto stage and start my vocal soundcheck now, so I’d better go..

Will update y’all again soon..


Andy Mac

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