German Tour Diary – Day 6

Hey guys,

Sitting here in the Frannz Club in Berlin listening to Nick from Watershed soundchecking with some Guns n Roses.. nice!!

Berlin.. what an amazing city! It really does have a great vibe here.

Craig & I did a radio interview on Radio1 earlier this afternoon which was fun, and now we’re looking forward to a cracking evening.

The tour is really starting to gather momentum and we are thoroughly enjoying the German hospitality. MACSTANLEY’s stay is being made that much easier by the good folks at Lindner Hotels who are looking after us in most of the cities.

Waking up in a plush 4 star hotel after a big night is so much easier..

Ok, enough waffle.. I need to go and soundcheck now. If you’re in Berlin tonight, pop in and say hi.. otherwise, we’ll see you in Hamburg tomorrow night..


Andy Mac

About Macstanley

South African Band

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