Tour Diary – Day 3

Hey guys,

I’m sitting backstage in the venue in Munich. Beautiful old industrial building that has been turned into a live performance venue.

I do enjoy travelling to southern Germany. It really is a beautiful area, and who can complain about beer & pretzels!!

The show in Ludwigsburg last night was killer! Standing ovation and brisk trade at the merch stand after the show. In 2 shows we’ve already sold more cd’s than our German merch team expected us to sell in 6 shows..

Looking forward to another great show tonight, and then a much needed rest day 2morrow. Time to play tourist for a bit..

We’ll be heading to Leipzig in preperation for the next show there in 2 days time, and will be looking forward to exploring a bit of what used to be East Germany.

Ok, I gotta go soundcheck now, but keep checking for Tour Diary updates in the coming days. Will start adding pics and video soon as well..


Andy Mac

About Macstanley

South African Band

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