German Tour Diary – Day 2

Whew! What a start to the tour last night in Dusseldorf!!

It’s been a tough last 48hrs since we landed.. Tony’s bag (percussion and all his clothes!) and Neil’s pedal board with ALL his electric guitar effects and sounds failed to arrive with us in Frankfurt!! So after a manic flurry of phonecalls and some magic from all at Lufthansa and our travel agent in SA, it all arrived this morning.

Thanks to the guys from Watershed we were able to borrow gear to make it through last night’s gig.. and what a blast it was! A very cool old theatre in Dusseldorf, with a warm and receptive audience. Sold loads of cd’s and met some very cool people.

Clint & I have just done an interview on HR3 radio station in Frankfurt this morning and now we are in the bus on the way to soundcheck at Ludwigsburg for tonight’s show..

Will let you know how it all goes..


Andy Mac

About Macstanley

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5 thoughts on “German Tour Diary – Day 2

  1. Sven says:

    What a night guys! Thanks for the awesome gig in Duesseldorf! Wishing you all the best for your German Tour, good luck with Lufthansa, and please come back to Duesseldorf some time!

  2. Monika Gahwiler says:

    Hey guys from macstanley
    Hoi Clinton
    A very warm welcome in Europe and very very soon in Switzerland. I am looking forward to see you all in Zurich.
    Now in Swiss German… ask Clinton for translation… ;-)):
    In Gedanke bin i viel bi eu und freue mi mit eu oeber euri Tour!! Bald isch es so wit und ihr haend de erscht Uftritt i de Schwiz. I weiss, wa da beduetet und bi drom mit mine Gedanke und mim ganze Herz bi eu!
    All the best for your tour! See you soon!

  3. Pam Horwath says:

    Hey guys!

    Thank you for the incredible show! You were great ;-) We had a lot of fun in Ludwigsburg that evening.
    It was also nice to meet you after the show, although it took quite a while to get through to you …
    You have convinced us not only with your music, you are also very nice people.
    We hope you will be successful in Germany, because we want to see you again. The evening was over quickly. Hopefully it will not take much time to see you again in the Stuttgart area. We will be there!

    Next time with our eight year old son Leon, who was offended that he could not come (school the next day). He plays drums and he want to know what sticks Tony have … (black/white?)

    We wish you the best!

    Greetings Pam and Chris (the crazy one with the goatee and the Metallica shirt. I think you know… :-)

  4. Johannes says:

    Hi Andy,

    I hope you’ve recovered from your cold, and can enjoy enjoy German beer rather than your “doctor prescribed” stuff… ;-)

    I want to thank you again for the great show in Duesseldorf! I wished a few more people would have come… Looking at the photos in the CD-booklet you must be used to much bigger crowds.

    All the best for you all, and maybe ’til next time!

    Johannes (the guy with the Hard Rock Cafe Capetown shirt)

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